Monopolistic ISPs

November 9, 2013
isp internet monopoly net neutrality

I am on the lowest tier of TWC broadband in NYC and I feel like I’m connecting from a third world country. For $20 a month I don’t expect the fastest internet, but I expect it to be just as reliable as the next persons internet. One thing I’m not going to do is pay more to the same people who can’t provide decent service in the first place.

Net neutrality is something that has become a hot button issue these days and I’m not looking forward to the day when my ISP can tell me what websites I have access to.

I want to propose a solution. I would pay two internet service providers if I had a device that split my requests, served me the first response, and reported detailed statistics to me and a carefully constructed internet watchdog group. Of course this solution goes downhill if ISPs team up on their evil ways, but that would be a good reason to declare them an actual monopoly and bust them up.

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