Voltrb first impressions

December 4, 2014
voltrb rails meteorjs

What do you get when you cross meteorjs with rails?

The answer is quite simply, voltrb.

Getting started is not quite as easy as meteor or rails, which isn’t surprising considering how fresh it is.

So far I built a search box that creates new items on submit, but searches through existing items as you type. I’m building the site that will go here: http://www.procedur.al.

I love how you get default models and collections for each storage method and you can optionally create models that are autoloaded if they exist. This reminds me if ember, only I don’t have to leave ruby!

Also, opal compiles my ruby to JavaScript, but I don’t notice any of it. The MVC framework takes care of hooking everything up for me so I can focus on my modeling.

Still there is a ways to go. All those rails gems you used probably won’t work because of right coupling, but on the bright side, who needs them? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get rid of all the rails coupling so we could take our gems anywhere?

I’ll keep you updated on my adventures with volt, but so far so good!

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