18 Years of Crohn's, 1 Week of Soylent 1.3

January 3, 2015
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UPDATE: The nutritionist suggested I stop soylent after version 1.4 made me irregular and wasn't helping me keep on weight. 1.5 looks better but I am going to wait a little before diving back in.

Here is a quick synopsis of my case…

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease when I was 7 years old. I have managed to avoid surgery, but was a frequent flyer in the emergency room for flare ups. I was on remicade for about ten years and have been on mercaptopurine and mesalamine since I was diagnosed. I was on antibiotics from the time I was diagnosed until I graduated college, and somewhere in that span I was briefly on growth hormones and steroids. Additionally, I am most recently back on antibiotics and budesonide.

My most recent flare up a few months ago is what put me on budesonide and a few weeks before I started soylent I went back on antibiotics (tinidazole and ciprofloxacin). I ordered soylent months ago and was delighted when Soylent V1.3 arrived in the midst of me trying to control my symptoms.

Don’t get me wrong, I love food, but lately I have become afraid of it because everything I eat causes me pain. I spent the first few days figuring out how I want to flavor my soylent. I went through different peanut butter and chocolate combos until I decided to ditch the peanut butter, go for simple cocoa powder, and add sugar.

The difference in how I felt after soylent was immediately clear. It wasn’t perfect, but it was better. The pain I felt drinking it was very dull and almost unnoticeable. Because of this, I started drinking soylent almost exclusively without even setting out to.

When I notice the trend I got a little more serious about it. By the second day, the only pain I felt was when I applied pressure to the areas of my intestine that are affected by crohn’s. Coming from being in immense pain after every meal, I was ecstatic.

By day three or four, I was entirely pain free.** Now, this hardly constitutes a study and there are plenty of other variables that haven’t been isolated, but I’m going to call it a success so far. I upped my order of Soylent and it can’t arrive soon enough. I would definitely be interested in a study related to the effects of this kind of diet on crohn’s, but it probably won’t happen unless rosa labs funds something.

**Your milage may vary, please ask your doctor before doing what I did.

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