Minimalist? or just boring?

June 3, 2015
minimalism fun boredom problem solved

EDIT: Blog is now on Jekyll and has replaced main website, katamari is playable on any blog page so no fake text is needed.

I consider myself a pretty minimalist individual. I follow the time tested principles of YAGNI and build my systems in small, single purpose components.

I’ve had a very simple website for quite some time now. All it has is my name and a list of social media / web profile links. When I look at it, I see simplicity, but I began to fear that when others look at it, they see boring.

Try it out at

So a hatched a plan to spice it up with a blast from the past. We all remember the killer Katamari bookmarklet from 2011:

While we are all sad that bookmarklets have fallen by the wayside, possibly due to security concerns, no one says Katamari has to be a bookmarklet…

All it needed was some fun auto-generated background text to keep things interesting:

Try it out at

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