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August 13, 2015
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I recently switched over the project I was working on from MongoDB to PostgreSQL. The reason for the switch is not what I’m writing to discuss, but I’ll just say that the unpredictability of mongodb was starting to become an issue in development. The thought was that if it was already difficult before the data starts pouring in, it will probably be a nightmare one the product is in use. And that meant switching from graffiti-mongoose, to my own graphql database glue.

I searched for an ORM that could take the place of mongoose and it wasn’t long before I stumbled upon BookshelfJS. Built alongside its query building counterpart by @tgriesser, it was a good choice of where to start.

Then I had a choice, I could build a graffiti adapter for postgres, but I wanted something more lightweight than graffiti. My graphql schema were more akin to controllers than database models, so the idea of having them exclusively tied to models didn’t feel right. I needed custom attributes that were not on my models to be in my graphql schema.

Instead of building a larger solution, I collected helper methods every time I needed to do something related to accessing the bookshelf model. I ended up with a bunch of neat little wrappers to help with bookshelf graphql schema and I spent yesterday putting it together with some tests and documentation to open source.



Footnote – I haven’t played around with Relay enough yet to know if this will work with connection types, but it will almost certainly work for plain old graphql schema.

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