Machine Learning in Go

November 23, 2013
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For a while now I have been curious about Go. There doesn’t seem to be much to it, but it is getting more and more popular. Another itch I’ve had for a really long time is to write my own machine learning/AI framework. After looking at Golang a bit more, I couldn’t shake the feeling that it would be the perfect language for my machine learning framework.

I did some searching and while there were people talking about writing machine learning frameworks in Go, no one was actually doing it. There was some mention of having the science and mathematics packages built up before they implement machine learning because most of the papers are written using mathematical formulas that aren’t easy to implement.

This made me even more excited because I’m of the opinion that implementing research papers would deliver much less value than engineering the framework with research as an inspiration.

When will I be ready to release this framework? The truth is I don’t know, I just wanted to mention that it is in the works incase you stumble across a post I write about Go and wonder, what the heck does he know about Go?

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