May 9, 2014

I was about to leave a scathing review of the CVS on east 72nd and 2nd, including the manager, Marc, when I read a little bit about how CVS treats it’s employees like crap and I decided against it.

The only thing that keeps me coming back to the place is that I have a really nice pharmacist named Bobby. I wish I could take him with me when I go somewhere else, but I know I can’t.

Otherwise, the place is kept a mess, not unorganized, just down right dirty. The prices are a joke and it shows that the staff is not treated right by the way they carry themselves.

One time I was given pills from the pharmacy that were covered in dust from other pills. When I went back to get new pills, they said that it happens all the time, it is just pill dust from the sorter. Pill dust from the sorter? So you mean when I get a bottle of pills from your pharmacy I’m really getting prescription drug suprisé?

The pharmacist was super nice about it (I’m not sure what it is but pharmacists are usually really nice people). She gave me my pills and I said nothing about it because I could chalk it up to an honest mistake.

I bought an umbrella from the same store, which they sell with all these quality guarantees, and when it turned inside out and ripped two weeks later I went to return it. The manager wouldn’t take it back and he was kind of a dick about it. To be clear, I spend ~$200 a month at this place, I at least expected a little respect.

I’m not angry at how I’ve been mistreated by CVS, just very sad.

Edit: Added in pharmacist’s name so everyone can know that he is a good guy. Upon transferring my prescription I had to explain to Bobby why I was leaving. At first he seemed angry at whoever had given me a bad experience, but then my story wasn’t really that compelling. After all it comes down to an umbrella. And while it isn’t the only reason, it was the last straw. I do my job thoroughly and with pride, Bobby does his job in the same manner. It is difficult for me to continue giving my patronage after learning that the store manager does not hold himself to similar standards.

Edit 2: I've had a great experience since I moved to Walgreens. My pharmacist at Walgreens was nice and professional and when I moved apartments and switched to the Walgreens closer I met his brother and he is a great pharmacist.

I'm not one to hold a grudge, but I have no reason to settle.

Also, Duane Reade is kept much cleaner than CVS.

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