Wishlist Series

July 27, 2014
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Those of you who know me already know I am a man of many wishes and dreams. That means as a developer, I dream up, try to start, and abandon many…many projects.

When I work occasionally to get these projects out of my head and into code, I will pull on any open source threads I am given. The really cool part about this is I usually end up finding the people who are already trying to do what I am setting out to do. Most of the time, they are way ahead of me.

My usual course of action is to abandon yet another project and move on with my life, knowing full well that it meant forgetting about the hand full of cool (from my perspective at least) feature sets I had planned for my project that did not match up with the one I found.

No more! Henceforth, I will provide at no cost (worth the price), my good advice. Posts will be wishlist themed and tweeted aggressively at the company I think is closest to my fantasy product.

You’ve been warned. :-D

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