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November 15, 2014

I’ve decided to write a blog post every day, even if it is crappy. Why? Is it so I can feel important? Maybe, but I would never admit that. The reason I’m sticking to is that I want to get better at reflecting on important parts of my day.

It may help me appreciate all the interesting things I come across daily that are quickly relegated to a distant memory. Especially the seemingly mundane things I tend to take for granted. Writing about my day will help give meaning to at least one special thing that happened.

It may help me learn from my experiences. No one is perfect, especially your’s truly. Writing about things from my day can help me learn by examining things I could have done better. Additionally, people around me can read and point out flaws in my reasoning.

It may help me articulate my point of view. I did a ton of thinking and reasoning as a child outside of school. I even learned to program without talking to anyone about it. While I’ve spent many years working on it, there is still a gap between my ability to reason and my ability to verbalize abstract concepts.

It may help others understand me better. It’s easy to point a finger and call someone who is slightly unconventional mad, but if you look closer you’ll see there is a method to my madness.

tl;dr - Apologies if you get trapped reading my blog and have trouble getting your wasted time back, it’s for me, not you.

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