The wonderful distributed world wide web!

December 1, 2014

…umm, I mean let’s all use the same service so we don’t have to manage or own hardware.

There are advantages and disadvantages to distributing the internet. One of the advantages initially were that it was the only way to host anything. There were no easy services for sharing content.

There are of course many other advantages to the distribution of the internet, like fault tolerance, but those were quickly forgotten.

The advantage of sharing services were too plentiful. One could focus on one thing and do it well, instead of having to tackle each obscure bit of infrastructure.

The problem with this is that when we start to pile on services that everyone outsources too, we also add on single points of failure.

These single points of failure need to be addressed in our service design and may sometimes require redundant services.

We can’t have the internet falling to it’s knees every time some asshole decides it’s time for a DDoS attack.

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