2015 Chromebook Pixel

April 29, 2015
chrome chromebook development react native

Unboxing it was a great experience. When you take it out and open it up for the first time, it turns on in an instant and it is ready for you to pick a WiFi connection and log in.

I can’t remember using a computer so responsive to my input, it feels really fast. If I have a question while I’m working, I can just tap my pinky and start typing and I get the answer before I finish typing.

I use my chromebook to do web development, and now with the help of react-native, iOS development also. If you are interested in learning more about my setup, I can talk about that too.

the yin and yang of utility

August 8, 2020
development quirky life shower thoughts philosophy

coming soon: peerstate

August 6, 2020
development backstory open source

Open Source: Chasing the Dream

July 31, 2020
development quirky rant open source
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