Bryan Goldstein

Born and raised in the suburbs of NYC I quickly became identifiable by my obsessions, all of which have led me to this point.

What would you say... you do here?

Web Developer

React and GraphQL are my web dev weak spots, though I've touched quite a few technologies. I am involved in open source as sporadically, but my github is more of a rolling graveyard.

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DevOps Enthusiast

Like any good Software Engineer, much of my time is spent trying to optimize my efficiency. This has given me a perpetually waxing admiration for DevOps tooling.

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AI Wannabe

Since before I studied AI in college I was drawn to it. Since my ill fated plan to do a PhD in AI fell through, I have been working on my imaginary thesis.

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Science fiction that becomes science fact

Driven by the infinite possibilities that lie in our future contribution of entropy to this cosmic endowment, you'll be energized by all the impossible that can be made possible with a little noggin grease.

A friend that stays weird

Most friends become normal after a little while, be prepared to break free. You'll experience Cosmo Kramer levels of weird, with all the awkwardness you've come to know and love.

  • Full of surprises
  • Occasionally funny
  • Delightfully refreshing

Boundless Adventure Begins Today

Love climbing, skiing, camping, technology, etc..? If you have any interest in the things I am obsessed with, I am great fun. If you don't, I'm pretty much a wet blanket so don't bother.

Obviously meetings aren't guaranteed, but I will do my best to make them happen.

Featured Projects

While I'm a man of many projects, I will try and keep this updated with the ones that are in focus for me.

BCG Platinion

Risk/Portfolio Optimization

I'm building a tool that will be used to asses a certain area of risk and advise on investment in mitigation efforts. It leverages AWS, React, graphql, tensorflowjs and lots of other cool technologies.

Closed Beta

Communication Platform

This is a side project that has been in the works for a while. The goal is to create a more effective means for researchers to talk to each-other about their research while building a useful knowledge base.


AI Simulation Research

Since college I have been fascinated by Conway's Game of Life. My research is based around using this analog to physics to teach AI to infer the macro world from the micro world.

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