Future of Flight: Spontaneous trip to Paris

October 17, 2017
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I want to go to France, I didn’t plan to go, I was just waking on the highline and was like, I think I want to go to Paris. I take out my phone, and open my air travel app and put in Paris. It tells me how much it costs, and I click accept. It takes me to a border patrol and security flow where I need to answer some lame questions, but it isn’t so bad.

The app informs me which air shuttle to go to. Since there is one every 10 blocks in Manhattan I don’t have to go far. I just need to walk to Chelsea market. When I get to the roof, I see an elevator that has four propellers instead of a wire. I get to the door, and I see a border patrol / security officer on a screen who gives me instructions on how to proceed with the security equipment. When I am done, the gates let me through to the elevator.

When I get in, I wait for the other people I noticed on the security line. When they are done, we take off. We are heading straight up to meet our airplane. The airplanes do regular loops to form a network around the world. They never have to come down except for maintenance since they are refilled by the drone ships. This means there are always planes above to go to. We dock with the airplane and I get out.

I find a seat and look out the window. It is beautiful to look down on a miniature version of the world. I get a notification from my app that in 10 minutes we are crossing paths with the transatlantic loop. I am instructed to wait in the elevator for my transfer, and like a good boy, I do as I’m told.

We get to the transatlantic loop and the plane is a bit more comfortable. They even have snacks and meals for sale. I usually get something because these trips are long and I always forget to bring food.

I spend the plane ride watching videos on my phone with the help of a VR headset gluing it to my face. Before I know it, I get another notification telling me we are nearing the French loop. Again I go wait in the elevator. The plane has a bunch of different faces by the time I go, since we already met the UK loop and the Eurasia loop to exchange passengers.

The next notification I get will be for Paris. I told me friend I was coming so he is meeting me at the Louvre. While I was on the transatlantic loop, I changed my destination so I could land near there. I get the notification, and only have to walk a few blocks and I’m there.

After lunch with my friend, I’m ready to go back to New York. It is easy enough, and I don’t mind the trip. It is a great view and I can get a lot of work done.

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