End of Work = Beginning of Creativity

August 19, 2020
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When most people hear the end of work, they might picture the world looking glazed over and staring at the television with a bag of cheese puffs in their hand making an occasional nasal laugh. So why am I so excited for the end of work?

The reason is that while I do believe the future will be that way for some, I think the vast majority will have a much different experience. The end of work doesn’t mean the humans are no longer useful. A stochastic gradient is only useful because it is just that, stochastic. This means that the greatest asset a human will have is the ability to gain a different perspective on things and use that to provide value.

So in reality, the human economy will shift from being centered around hard work, to being built around creativity and novelty. This puts humans in a much better position to flourish than in an economy built on repetitive tasks.

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